Welcome to Brain Better

A Nervous System Healing Space

About Us

“Turn Left” is a container designed to help you pivot on a seemingly never ending cycle of feeling like there’s something wrong in the way you exist in your body and to help reroute you through the lens of neuroscience.

It is created to help support you in the stretch of becoming an expert of you in a way that honors your time, and wallet.

I know you’ve invested a lot in your healing process, and maybe it’s left you feeling drained both financially and emotionally?

Turn Left, isn’t about searching for solutions outside of you. It is about uncovering the powerful ways we can learn how to work with your nervous system, this incredible surveillance system inside of you, so you never have to relinquish your healing journey to anyone else.

Why You Should Join Us

Have you been craving a space to heal?

One where you’re able to take an exhale, let go of judgement, without the pressure rushing your process?

If you’ve ever felt like you’ve been going down the same rabbit hole of ONLY having your symptoms addressed, or even ignored or maybe written off as “just in your head”, Turn left aims to close the gaps the health industry often bypasses, or rushes through—so you can begin to feel supported, reassured and less alone in your healing journey.